What Should I Look For In All The Outdoor Grills Available?

Summer cannot the only time to enjoy the fruits of the outdoor grills. They can be associated with all sorts of events from parties to weddings, from get together’s to wakes. They are events that can bring people together for whatever reason. There are grills for every occasion, but not every location is suitable for an outdoor grill, but there are various ways to get around this and deciding the right grill can become a headache if you are not aware of the choices available. For outdoor grills, one of the first considerations to look at is the quality of the construction. It has to be built to last, yes there are covers to protect them from the elements when not in use, but even under a cap if they’re flimsy and of light gauge metal you’d be lucky to see a couple of seasons out of them. Next thing to consider is what should you grill, later on, the fuel.

1. Gas Grill: Do you have the luxury of gas in a bottle or hooked up to natural gas? Just turn the knob and light the burners, quick to pre-heat and less smoke. Gives a tremendous, even heat and easy for temperature control. If you’re using a bottle just remember to check the gauge because running out halfway through the cooking process will be a hassle.

2. Charcoal Grill: Though some people (mostly men) tend to ‘tend to the fire’, it appeals to them and gives them a primal power to cook for the tribe. With a fire built properly, either evenly or layered to have controlled temperatures, the charcoal grill will give you a more intense smoked flavour through the meat etc. This experience will come with time and practice but once mastered you’ll never look back. Get the taste of charcoal and next you could be competing at the BBQ Cook-Offs. Charcoal may be a bit messier in regards to the ash removal etc. after the grill, but that is just part of it.

3. Electric Grill: If your location does not allow you to have gas or charcoal, electric grills are the way to go. Though it may not seem the same, electronic grills today will give you as much as the same experience with less of the hassle. All you need is an electrical outlet and some exotic marinades!

Do you want it to be portable, on a trolley?, or it can be built-in or you can even have a small tabletop (these would be either gas or electric). There are plenty of choices available for your every need and desire.

Get Your Grill On

To grill is to cook food by applying dry heat on the surface of the food. Grilling is a fast way of cooking food by exposing it to a huge amount of direct, radiant heat. In order to start grilling, one needs either a grill or a grill pan.

Transfer of heat during grilling is done through thermal radiation and direct conduction. Thermal radiation happens when using a grill while direct conduction happens when using a pan or griddle.

Types of grills

1. The Charcoal Grill

As it’s name suggests, charcoal is used to make the fire. The charcoal can be in form of lump charcoal or briquettes. Charcoal grills are convenient because they are readily available and come in all shapes and sizes. Though it gives the food a rich flavour, its downside is that it hard to clean and requires a little more practice to get it going.

2. The Gas Grill

This grill is powered by propane which is bought in a cylinder and is readily available in local stores. A match isn’t needed to light this grill as you can easily light it by turning the knobs. Maintenance is easy since easy to clean.
Foods that can be cooked on the grill
Meat is the most recommended food for grilling. Steaks can be done by seasoning with salt and pepper or you can go all out by marinating. Cooking meat with bones takes longer than boneless meat. This however makes meat get a rich and deep flavour. Grilling chicken is more complicated but once you learn to do it right, the results are amazing. The secret is to always provide extra moisture for the chicken.
Seafood is also a great food for grilling moreso because grilling eliminates the seafood odours. To achieve the best results, it is recommended that you always scrape and oil the grill since seafood tends to be sticky due to low fat.
Grilled vegetables and fruits increases their deliciousness but requires extra attention due to their high chance of burning.
Bread has for long been grilled in many forms ranging from toasted buns to pizza. It requires a clean and oiled grill so as not to stick.
Grilling is considered a healthy cooking method because the food retains its nutrients and excess fat is burned off.

Making a Grilled Lamb Chops Dinner

A perfect dinner wraps up a perfect day, gives you good night sleep and prepares you for a fruitful day the next morning. Ever wondered what should I grill for dinner? Here is a perfect example of a grilled dinner meal.

Grilled Lamb Chops

This is another type of a red meat from a young sheep in its first year, so it cannot be too hard, but soft and tender, with high quality protein. The lamb meat, enough to serve 6 people, should be prepared for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Ingredients needed for this dish to be perfectly cooked are 2 large, crushed garlic cloves, 1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary leaves, 1 teaspoon of thyme leaves and a pinch of cayenne pepper. You will also need coarse salt, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 6 lamb chops that are 75% of an inch thick. This is only for serving 6 people.

Grilling instructions

Get a food processor that is fitted with a metal blade and add in garlic, rosemary, thyme, cayenne and salt. Pulse these until they are perfectly combined. Pour in olive oil and mix into a paste. After completing the paste, apply it to both sides of the lamb meat, put it in a refrigerator and let it marinate for an hour minimum. Once this is done, you can remove the meat from the refrigerator and allow it about 20 minutes to come to room temperature. Once this is done, you can heat the grilling pan over high heat then add the chops and only flip them over after 2 minutes. Cook them for another 3 minutes for a medium to rare or 3 and half minutes for medium.

Serving the dinner

This dish can be served with any of your favorite salads, I would not recommend coleslaw in this case, but rather a garden salad, to give that extra vegetable taste to the dish. The perfect meal can be capped by a glass of wine, if you can get red wine the better!

The magic of grilled ribs

We all love food and
beverages and we often praises cooks who make the best food. So much so that
cooking just right is considered even a magic of some sort. That is not
something new; just remember the last time your mind was blown away by the
taste of something delicious.


Many people love ribs cooked on a grill. However, little do they know
that it is not an easy thing to do. It takes precision, patient. While it is
not something too hard to do, capturing that perfect taste that you are seeking
to find needs some precision. However, once you capture it people will call it
the magic, but you would know that it was the science all along.


science of grilled ribs


To create and capture
that exact taste you are looking for there are steps you must follow. First of
all getting the best kind of ribs. I would recommend a baby back ribs. The
tender aroma, unforgettable texture will capture your heart and stomach.
However just getting the right ingredients is not enough for our dinner, get
ready for some cooking tips and instructions.


First, you need
prepare the grill. You do not just turn it on and let it cook. No, no. that
really does not work. There are couple
of very important things you need to know. First of all, do not make it too
hot, you will unable to cook, be close to it and find the heat that you can
stand but don’t go higher than that. After it gets hot enough take towel, dip
it in oil and rub it on the parts where you are going to place the food to
grill. This is important, because if you forget doing so, food will be stuck on
the grill and will be hard to remove them.


Now that we are done with
preparing for the main show, let us actually start the one. Put the ribs on
bone side down, adjust the heat up to 300 Fahrenheit 150 Celsius and let it be
cooked for 30 minutes. Important key is to close the lit so that smoke will
work inside as much as possible.


Instructions are very easy
to follow but since grills differ from each other very much you are probably
going to need couple of tries before you create perfection, but if you follow
these instructions every time you cook it, it will be better and better.


Do not forget use the right temperature to grill ribs, keep the lid down
and wait for 30 minutes.


This will create taste so good that people will call it magic, but you
will know, that it is the science of grilled ribs .