Get Your Grill On

To grill is to cook food by applying dry heat on the surface of the food. Grilling is a fast way of cooking food by exposing it to a huge amount of direct, radiant heat. In order to start grilling, one needs either a grill or a grill pan.

Transfer of heat during grilling is done through thermal radiation and direct conduction. Thermal radiation happens when using a grill while direct conduction happens when using a pan or griddle.

Types of grills

1. The Charcoal Grill

As it’s name suggests, charcoal is used to make the fire. The charcoal can be in form of lump charcoal or briquettes. Charcoal grills are convenient because they are readily available and come in all shapes and sizes. Though it gives the food a rich flavour, its downside is that it hard to clean and requires a little more practice to get it going.

2. The Gas Grill

This grill is powered by propane which is bought in a cylinder and is readily available in local stores. A match isn’t needed to light this grill as you can easily light it by turning the knobs. Maintenance is easy since easy to clean.
Foods that can be cooked on the grill
Meat is the most recommended food for grilling. Steaks can be done by seasoning with salt and pepper or you can go all out by marinating. Cooking meat with bones takes longer than boneless meat. This however makes meat get a rich and deep flavour. Grilling chicken is more complicated but once you learn to do it right, the results are amazing. The secret is to always provide extra moisture for the chicken.
Seafood is also a great food for grilling moreso because grilling eliminates the seafood odours. To achieve the best results, it is recommended that you always scrape and oil the grill since seafood tends to be sticky due to low fat.
Grilled vegetables and fruits increases their deliciousness but requires extra attention due to their high chance of burning.
Bread has for long been grilled in many forms ranging from toasted buns to pizza. It requires a clean and oiled grill so as not to stick.
Grilling is considered a healthy cooking method because the food retains its nutrients and excess fat is burned off.

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